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ASEAN Cableship offers quick and effective access to submarine cable installation and maintenance services. We also provide turn-key solutions for our clients. This includes the full integration of processes; from surveying and planning to the complete burial and testing of cables. Further, ASEAN Cableship provides consultancy services with bespoke solutions for every requirement.

Cable Installation

Submarine cable installation is always remarkably complex & challenging. Throughout the installation process, cables will be handled prudently in consideration of the cable’s integrity laying over any varying seabed contour. Today, a typical mainlay cable installation will involve a cableship entail with a cable plough working within the water depth from 10+m to 1500m. As for the inshore portion, the installation and burial usually will be carried out by purpose built shallow water draft vessel.

Every submarine cable installation project is different

ASEAN Cableship Pte Ltd (ACPL) is specialized in the Pre-Lay Shore-End cable (PLSE) installation works with an experienced working team. In any shore-end cables that require a deep burial protection to avoid possible external aggression from ship’s anchors or heavy trawling activities etc., the deep burial solution will utilise the injector & rocksaw cutter that can bury the cable up to 10m burial depth to safeguard the laid cable from any of these activities. Each success of PLSE installation will always embrace with diligent planning and skilful execution from the shipboard & shore support team. The cables installed can be optical fibre cables or power cables.

We are capable in providing operations encompassing Horizontal Direct Drilling HDD), shore end cable landing, Ocean Ground Bed (OGB) installation, beach support, rock cutting and deep burial in shallow waters terrain. In addition, we are also being familiar with the regulatory for marine works within the region to facilitate any necessary clearances.

Cable Repair/Maintenance

Covering one third of the earth’s ocean stretching from Djibouti to Guam and Taiwan to Australia

Today, we have witnessed an astounding evolution of digital technologies. This constant steady stream of new and more powerful devices and gadgets requires extensive use of communication channels.

The usage of these devices & gadgets and the user expectations arising from these technologies have evolved at an accelerated rate.

For shore end to deep water depth cable systems:

  • Zone-based repair and maintenance
  • Private dedicated standby
  • Shared private dedicated contracts
  • Ad-hoc basis call out

For Land cables:

  • Private dedicated
  • Shared private dedicated contracts
  • Ad-hoc basis call out

ASEAN Cableship, one of the leading repair and maintenance
Cableship operator in the world

Our competent team of officers & crew are capable of repairing and maintaining the whole cable systems from the beach manhole on-wards. They are often challenged in a constant state of change during a repair and maintenance operation. Each repair operation is carried out with precision and professionalism to concur with customers’ expectation & satisfaction levels. We currently also own a 3m ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) which is capable to bury the cable deeper.

Engineering Consultation

ASEAN Cableship provides wide range of engineering services

From specific engineering studies such as cable route recommendation in desk top studies to field work cable expertise for a Marine Route Survey.

Our goal is to tailor our services to specific customer needs, whether it is the provision of a single engineer or an engineering consultancy team out in the field conducting a Marine Route Survey. Our engineers have particular expertise in all major cable types such as American, French, German, Italian and Japanese.