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About Us

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ASEAN Cableship Pte Ltd (ACPL) was set up by a consortium of six prominent telecommunication authorities from across Southeast Asia. The involvement of these esteemed entities underscores the collaborative spirit and regional cooperation in advancing telecommunications infrastructure. The establishment of ACPL by these telecommunication authorities not only highlights their foresight and commitment to regional connectivity but also underscores the importance of cooperation and partnership in driving technological advancement and economic development in Southeast Asia.

With years of experience in the submarine cable repair and maintenance operations stretching from Djibouti to Guam and from Taiwan to Australia, ACPL has built a strong database of repair records over the past years and is proud to be one of the leading companies in the repair and maintenance of submarine cables in the Asia Pacific region.

In addition to the repair and maintenance of submarine cables, ASEAN Cableship Pte Ltd is also an established submarine cable installer and integrator. Be it a “straight forward” surface lay in the Pacific Ocean or a challenging branching unit installation in rough weather conditions, ACPL takes pride in executing each task to near perfection.

ACPL aims to be at the forefront of the rapidly developing field of submarine cable system repair and installation to better serve customers’ needs and requirements in a professional manner to foster a sustainable future.