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Cable Repair / Maintenance

Covering one third of the earth’s ocean stretching from Djibouti to Guam and Taiwan to Australia

Today, we have seen an astounding evolution of computing technologies. This constant steady stream of new and more powerful devices and gadgets requires extensive use of communication channel.
How people use these items and what they demand from these technologies has evolved at an equally remarkable rate. Turning a simple conversation into a Web-surfing, videoconferencing, music-and-video-streaming broadband data hub.
All these activities, we goes through, the “World Wide Web”. “World Wide Web” is possible by connecting Inter-Continental Fiber Optic Cables throughout the world. They are underwater, of the seas and oceans, over different continents. These cables are prone to damage and needs to be maintain.

ASEAN Cableship, one of the leading repair and maintenance Cableship operator in the world

We are able to repair and maintain the whole cable systems from the beach manhole on-wards. Our officers and crews are often challenged in a constant state of change during a repair and maintenance operation. We take every new opportunity seriously and we ensure that our customer is satisfied with each call out for a repair operation. We bespeak our repair and maintenance solutions according to the preference of our customers. We have also acquired a 3m ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) which is capable to bury the cable deeper.

For shore end to deep water depth cable systems: For Land cables:
- Zone-based repair and maintenance
- Private dedicated standby
- Shared private dedicated contracts
- Ad-hoc basis call out
- Private dedicated
- Shared private dedicated contracts
- Ad-hoc basis call out