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Cable Installation

The installation of a submarine cable is complex and challenging

Installing submarine cables, is remarkably complex and hazardous. The cable needs to be installed without being broken or damaged. The seabed terrain is as varied as any terrain on the land. Hazards are the next in the consideration, natural occurrence like earthquakes and volcanic activities. Human activities, fishermen actually pose a far worse hazard than fish.
Today, installing new cables are buried using robot that crawls and plow along the seabed.

Every submarine cable installation project is different

At ASEAN Cableship Pte. Ltd (ACPL), our project teams take extra effort to plan the projects. Consistency and accurate in planning; experience and cable expertise in executing the plan. The cables installed are mainly optical fiber cables and power cables.
The services we provide for cable installation is a seamless continuation from start to finish, such as beach support, rock cutting and deep burial at shore end to surface lay and plow burial in deep water installation. We are also familiar with local customs and regulations in the Asia region.
As a total solution provider for cable installation, we are able to install cables in the different water depths:

Shore end
Shallow Waters
Continental Shelf
Transition Zone
Deep Waters
0 – 15 meters
15 – 65 meters
15 – 1, 000 meters
1, 000 – 2, 000 meters
more than 2, 000 meters