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Thailand Indonesia Singapore

Tokyo, 2nd December 2003, NEC Corporation announced that it has successfully completed the construction of a new submarine optical cable network, named TIS (Thailand – Indonesia – Singapore) Cable Network for a consortium formed by CAT Telecom Public Company Ltd. of Thailand, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk of Indonesia and Singapore Telecommunications Limited of Singapore.
The system will commence operations for commercial service with immediate effect. This can provide customers with enhanced transmission of international broadband traffic, using NEC’s submarine repeatered and repeaterless DWDM technologies with an equipped capacity of 30 Gbps upgradeable up to 320Gbit/s, capable of handling traffic for about 3, 840, 000 telephone circuits.
ASEAN Cableship Pte Ltd was involved in the project for 1, 100km surface lay and burial by plow on this submarine network, linking Songkhla (Thailand), Batam (Indonesia) and Changi (Singapore). Approximately 9km of deep burial off Tanah Merah using Injector and Rocksaw on board ASEAN Protector. Two cables were laid in the same deep trench and split out after the deep burial point. ASEAN Protector continued to lay the segment A to Batam and three landings located at Songkla, Batam and Singapore.
There are only a few cable networks that connect Indonesia and Thailand to the rest of Asia, and only APCN and SEA-ME-WE 3 link these two countries directly to Singapore. The completion of the TIS cable network will significantly increase the capacity and diversity to Indonesia and Thailand.