Projects Jakabare Cable System

Jakabare Cable System

Jakarta, 4th May 2008, PT Indosat Tbk (Indosat) started to deploy a submarine cable system, called “JAKABARE” project, connecting Indonesia and Singapore. The “JAKABARE” (Java – Kalimantan – Batam – Singapore) Submarine Backbone Network is over 1, 300km and connect points of Jakarta (Java), Pontianak (Kalimantan), Batam Island and Changi (Singapore).
The submarine cable system will provide capacity of 160Gbit/s up to 640Gbits/s to fulfill the broadband requirement in anticipating the growth of data and internet services in Indonesia. This new network will fulfill demand and increase network capacity between Indonesia and Singapore.
The project have 4 landing point in each island, which are Tanjung Pakis (Kerawang, West Java), Sungai Kakap (Pontianak, West Kalimantan), Tanjung Bemban (Batam) and Changi (Singapore).
ASEAN Cableship Pte Ltd was involved in laying and deep burial cable with Injector for 9km from Singapore and 13km from Batam. ASEAN Protector was deployed for this project.