Projects Batam Singapore Cable System

Batam Singapore Cable System

Batam Singapore Cable System (BSCS) is a submarine cable system connecting Batam Centre station (Batam) to Telin station (Singapore). The total system length is around 73 km, connecting the landing sites through six fibre pair cables. Stub cable is provided for future extension of the system.
The two fibre pair have a bandwidth capacity of 80Gb/s, this is achieved with four channels of 10Gb/s. Four other fibre pairs are left as dark fibres intended for future expansion.
To further increase the reliability of the system, two distinguish land routes, between BMH at Nongsa landing and Batam Center station, are utilized to transmit/receive four 10Gb/s channels.

Digger are use to dig the trenches for the cable to be place. There are slight difficulty in maneuvering through the soft and muddy ground. Constant measuring of depth while digging the trench to ensure projected depth are met.

The completed trench is neat and reached it’s projected depth and is ready for cable laying.
Articulated piped cables are laid into the trench. The BSCS Segment (Batam to Singapore) inclusive of BU1 have been installed / buried and stream laid on seabed in accordance with the guidelines and specifications.
The Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) carried out from the barge on 25th Nov 2008 and results are satisfactory.
All works done on the beaches are complied with permit requirements and were carried out in accordance with best management practices.